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Well, it is. But you can and should still utilize CSS for the styles in your email once your nested table layout is in place. There are just a few things to watch out for. Here are the steps that I use. Instead, place your style declaration right below the body tag — Google Mail, however, looks for any style declaration in the email and helpfully deletes it. It turns out that Yahoo!

Put general font style information in the table td closest to the content. Yes, this can result in repetitive style declarations within multiple td cells.

Put font style definitions into heading e. Flaky support for floats is one issue that may cause an email design to be reworked. In some cases, span s can be used for more than just coloring or sizing text: they can be used to position text above or below content.

25 Sites For Open-source Email Templates

Note that some email delivery services will unpack style definitions to make them more explicit and, therefore, more readable by all email software. Test each email and look to see what happens to the email code. Start with CSS shorthand because, in the worst case, it appears to work well with all email software. The next step is to test your HTML email in a variety of email clients. Often this will identify problems that require workarounds. The first test tools to use are the Firefox and Internet Explorer web browsers. Once the email appears fine in those two web browsers, use an email delivery service to send the email to a range of test email accounts.

Ideally, this should include accounts with the Yahoo! The test accounts you use should, of course, be determined by the domain names in the mailing list of people who will receive the email.

What we actually do?

For example, if you use a background image to provide a background color with white font color over it, make sure the default background color for that part of the HTML table is dark, not white. Once the HTML email has been tweaked so that it displays well in your test email accounts, the next step is to go through a checklist. For example, verify the following:. Many email delivery services include the ability to see how your HTML email displays in a wide range of email software.

It helps you identify what code tweaks are needed before sending.

How To Make An Email Newsletter That Looks The Same

Google Mail, Lotus Notes, and Outlook present their own unique coding challenges. Outlook , believe it or not, has significantly less support for CSS than previous versions of Outlook! As a result, Google Mail acts like an artifact of the early s, when web standards were primitive.

It takes some work, but it is possible to crack open a Google Mail page and see just how convoluted their approach to rendering HTML email actually is. For one thing, Google Mail deletes the CSS styles contained between any style tags, no matter where they appear in the email.

And fonts displayed within HTML tables — the only alternative to using styles — have the odd habit of appearing larger than intended, no matter how the HTML email is structured. The good news, however, is that if you code to account for the oddities of these three email applications, your HTML email code is likely to display well in most, if not all, email clients. Here are some techniques that appear to work well in Google Mail and other older email software:.

Free HTML Email Newsletter Templates

Many large corporations continue to support and upgrade their Notes installations. The best approach is to follow the guidelines described in this article — the more primitive the code, the more likely it will work well, if not perfectly, with Notes. For example, older versions of Notes can convert images to their proprietary formats, or simply ignore flawless basic HTML in one email, but display other HTML fine in another email. Using these techniques to achieve a successful render in Google Mail and Lotus Notes will ensure that your emails also display fine in Outlook , which uses an older HTML rendering engine.

Campaign Monitor, an email delivery service, has a comprehensive list of CSS elements support for every popular mobile, web and desktop email client. An amazing number of people read HTML email on their smart phones and tablets, as well as their desktop email software.

Adapting your HTML tables to display well on these devices turns out to be somewhat easy. When someone names their project Email Framework, you are without question entitled to expect some really great features, otherwise what is the point, right? Well, luckily this open-source project find it on GitHub is exactly that. A full-scale solution for all your responsive email layout needs.

Thanks to Litmus testing, the framework works with the leading email clients that majority of internet users are using today. Foundation is a collection of different frameworks and platforms for enhacing web development experience, and email is also one of the top prioroties of this company, providing developers and designers with an easy to use CSS framework for quickly building up effective HTML5 responsive emails. Every template begins by using the provided Foundation Grid which you can then enhance with additional elements that you would most commonly find in email templates anyway.

Whether eCommerce or business branding, Foundation is a great aid in building responsive email templates at no cost. It works flawlessly with iOS and Android systems, and support email clients like Yahoo! The layouts utilize dynamic content as the basis. Meaning you can really customize each email to look the way you want it to look, without having to worry about your content display.

The design style is minimal. It is now better known as Foundation Email, a framework that we already mentioned in our list.

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Playground from ZURB offers a choice of five different email templates that will adapt to responsive requirements effortlessly. All templates come with separate stylesheets and HTML documents for maximum versatility of design changes. You can expect these templates to work fine with any major email serving platform on the web right now.

You will most definitely need to find a service to use these templates with, since an email service like MailChimp can help to combine both HTML and CSS in a single file when sending out an email. Mosaico is a unique email building platform that lets anyone build responsive email layouts within a platform environment.

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  8. The item gives its users tools like custom element management and overall design adaptability. These allow you to personalize all of your designs with a single click of a button. An in-built system for helping you undo and redo any changes, instead of having you browse through endless piles of revisions. You can even preload your own custom email templates for management within the Mosaico system. The platform is open-source and encourages everyone to participate in making the project bigger and better.

    SendWithUs is a known email marketing platform that offers marketers and bloggers to build and market their templates from within a simple email marketing environment. As a way of expressing thanks back to the marketing community, SendWithUs is sharing with us a library of ten unique and responsive email templates for your own use.

    The templates are open sourced, giving you the freedom to make any changes and adjustments as you see fit. We must caution our readers that although these templates are free, they seem to be limited to just templates that consist of sending invoices to your customers. Brian Graves has built a solid foundation for creating and working with responsive emails. His project Responsive Email Patterns is a collection of pluggable email patterns that you can use to quickly build adaptable email templates.

    You can use them either in your favorite email sending platform, or directly from your own email client. The patterns cover areas like layout, lists, media, navigation and grids to package all those patterns within.

    How to make an email newsletter – Start correctly

    Campaign Monitor is a reputable email marketing service that helps hundreds of thousands of online marketers to achieve optimal results with their email lists. Templates for partnerships, business talks, traditional newsletter templates, and event newsletter templates are amongst some of the favorites we adore. A repository of the best and greatest email templates as sent out by some of the leading technology companies today; Dropbox, Udemy, Moo, DigitalOcean and many others.

    Hundreds of email templates to yield inspiration from. MJML is a framework, but more than that it is a custom built markup language for helping developers to build quick and beautiful email templates that resonate well with all devices and browsers. The markup you end up writing with MJML automatically converts into fully compliant HTML5 markup that you can begin using with your email sending software.

    There are also a couple of preview templates available for experimentation, and perhaps even production use.

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    • Email Templates?

    A simple responsive email solution that provides you with a single template that you can modify to your own liking. Since its inception, the template has been improved and polished to work on all major email clients you can find today. Passion is a sophisticated and complex email template that uses modern web design concepts incorporated straight into the email.

    You can detach all elements of this template from each other, and just pick whatever you feel your email newsletters require. Free Newsletter Template from GraphicsFuel is an elegant and minimal choice for those who are seeking simplicity with their email designs. We can see this particular email template to be of great use for bloggers, creative artists, writers and individuals who just want to get their message across, without having to overload the email with modern elements and complications; to each his own we think.

    Honestly, MailPortfolio follows the exact same pattern as the template we saw above. The only main difference being that MailPortfolio is more focused on the red color base. However, everything else seems to be exactly the same. At the footer you can specify essential company information, which most email marketing platforms require anyway. Send it out on that special date to promote offers, to promote news, or simply to let your customers and email subscribers know how much you love them, even if that sounds a little bit cheesy.

    The end result is a sophisticated email building platform using a drag and drop interface. It helps designers do what they do best, design, and in this case — design email templates. No need to spend time with recreating the same content again and again.