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Eligibility Issues

In our 30 years of experience, we can often dispose of the inquiry and get your license issued right after IDFPR receives the explanation letter. We do not charge for initial consultations phone or in-person. We will spend an hour with you if necessary at no charge! We will also explain which disciplinary path you are on and the most prudent defense to the allegations against you.

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Do not think that your license is doomed — we are often successful in presenting mitigating evidence and credible explanations to IDFPR and the Board of Nursing, the result of which is NO public discipline on your nursing license. Additionally, there are many other state and federal public health statutes that govern the practice of these professions. View the laws that govern nurses. Attempting to deal with the IDFPR on any licensing or regulatory enforcement matter can easily overwhelm all but the most experienced of attorneys who interact with IDFPR on a daily basis. Before you consider hiring an attorney who claims to be an experienced IDFPR lawyer, look at their website.

Endorsement is the licensure method for registered nurses who hold a current and active license in another state, U.

Applicant Frequently Asked Questions

The Canadian Comprehensive Examination is not acceptable. For additional endorsement information, please visit our Licensure by Endorsement page.

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If you have not taken one of these three examinations, you are not eligible for endorsement and must apply for Licensure by Examination. You may apply for a temporary license at the same time that you apply for licensure by endorsement or at any time prior to the issuance of a permanent registered nursing license.

A temporary license is valid for a period of six months, allowing an applicant to work pending issuance of a permanent RN license. Please visit our Licensure by Endorsement page for application instructions. There may be a delay if the application or fingerprint results indicate a prior conviction s or other basis for denial. Please refer to our Processing Times page for current timeframes.

You have the right to appeal the license denial and to have an administrative hearing under the provisions of Section b of the Business and Professions Code.

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You must submit the appeal in writing to the Board office within 60 days from the service of the notice of denial. If you do not submit an appeal in writing to the Board, you will automatically waive your right to a hearing, and your application will be deemed denied. Should you appeal and the denial is upheld, the earliest date to reapply is one year from the date of service of the notice of denial. For detailed information, please visit our Nursing Careers page.

IL Governor Rauner Signs HB313 - Nursing Practice Act

All applicants are required to submit fingerprints for purposes of conducting a criminal history record check. Please visit our Fingerprint Information page for additional details and instructions. Contacting the Board before the indicated timeframe can cause additional delays. Processing timeframes may vary during graduation season. Processing time depends on when the Board receives all required documents from schools, agencies, and other states. Prior convictions and special testing accommodations for disabilities may delay the process.

If you have not received any correspondence from the Board and your application has exceeded the timeframe indicated, please contact the Board. These fees will be charged when you schedule your examination appointment. After the Board determines that you are eligible to test, you will receive an Authorization to Test by email from Pearson VUE the organization that provides test administration and services test development. Additionally, at the testing center, you must present acceptable identification to be admitted to the test.

North Carolina Board of Nursing

For specific testing center information please visit the Pearson VUE website. This report identifies the candidate's performance on the examination, provides the number of items administered to the candidate, and a summary of the candidate's relative strengths and weaknesses. The board of nursing takes these violations very seriously and formal action may be taken if evidence shows that regulations were violated. Once a complaint has been filed on a nurse license, the state board of nursing will typically take the following steps:. If action is taken against a nurse license, both the license and action against the license are publicly available on Nursys.

Whereas licensure may be granted if the BON knows about the disciplinary actions beforehand, it will not be granted if the information is withheld. A few of the most common actions that cause nurses to lose their license include:. While social media has made us all more connected it has also made it easy to share confidential information. The Board of Nursing may be permitted to investigate reports of inappropriate disclosure or behavior on social media platforms based on:.

Unethical posting on social platforms can lead to complaints, investigations and further disciplinary actions. It is vital for nurses to not violate the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act HIPAA , state privacy laws or employer policies by taking photos or videos of patients without their written consent.

Such violations can lead to civil lawsuits, criminal charges, and licensure discipline. Furthermore, nurses should not denigrate either their employer or co-workers online. Not only is such posting improper but, it could also be considered cyberbullying and lead to further legal action. Nonetheless, such comments can be detrimental to a cohesive health care delivery team and may result in sanctions against the nurse.

After investigations take place and if allegations are found to be true a nurse could face the following disciplinary action on their license:. While the licensing process can be very lengthy in some states common mistakes can make it even longer.

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Licensure by Endorsement | North Carolina Board of Nursing

Fingerprints must be collected for every new license that a nurse applies to. Smudged or damaged fingerprints can put a hold on the process. Luckily, many states are offering an alternative to the traditional manual fingerprint card. Thanks to innovations in technology the Livescan service allows for fingerprints to be electronically submitted directly to the Board much quicker than manual fingerprint cards. There is a catch though, the Nurse must be within the State in which they wish to obtain licensure.

Find Your Nurse Practice Act

Livescan cannot be completed from outside of the State, find a location nearest you here. Due to the length of the licensing process, we recommend applying for licensure as far in advance as possible. There have been times when California licensure has taken up to 6 months to obtain. We have provided a chart of estimated license time frames by state but keep in mind that processing times could vary based on many factors and errors. We recommend using Nursys.